1/10 R/C VW Beetle - Desert Rebels - Battery & USB Charger Included

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Law, Morals, Compassion, these were just a few causalities of The Great War, which followed the unprecedented meteor shower of 2055. City life was obliterated through air strikes, both from Mother Nature and the world's super powers.

The survivors, what few of them there were, merely existed, foraging a new way of life in the Badlands. Avoiding detection, avoiding human contact, they drove these 4-wheeled monstrosities, scavenging from whatever remnants of their previous civilization they could find. These machines, as the people themselves, became known as the Dessert Rebels

- Full function radio control
- Lightweight, but tough, vac-formed body
- Extra body detail for realism
- Battery & USB charger included

- Gender: Boys
- Suitable For Ages: 8 years and older
- Dimensions: 41.2cm x 22.9cm x 20.5cm
- Weight: 796g

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