Armageddon cards today!

by Robert Miles

Hello fellow Duelists. Welcome to another Heroes of Games and Comics Yugioh blog, topic of today will be about one of the more recent sets which has sparked quite an interest in the community; Battle of Legends: Armageddon.

First off, the card everyone is looking into from this set; The number 39: Utopia, but this is not just any Utopia. We finally get a taste of cards written in Astral language from the Zexal series. This card is worth a fortune and a really interesting idea. It is really exciting to see Konami coming up with new rarities to excite the players. First the collectors rares coming out of Toon Chaos, and now this in Astral writing. And with the upcoming surprise in Legendary Duelist: Rage of Ra.

On top of other interesting cards, we have Afterglow, which could be quite effective in some burn deck strategies. We can only hope nobody finds an FTK(first turn kill) with them. 

We also have numerous archetypes coming out of Battle of Legends: Armageddon and speaking of numerous, the Numerons are an archetype that a lot of players are hyped for, being a small engine that simply uses mostly the extra deck for it and being able to summon monsters for free to kill your opponent quickly, by boosting themselves on each attack, and on top of it, allowing the summoning of Number S0:Utopic Zexal, it will be as easy as 1 2 3 4 5.

Then for you dinosaur fans, which are actually rock support, BLAR introduces Fossils, which are really exciting fusion monsters that banish cards from either graveyard to summon themselves. Also, some interesting cards to help Adamancipators from Secret Slayers, and also 1 new card, Fossil Warrior Skull Knight, that may even be good against the new best deck that's come out in the following set, which we will talk about in our next blog.

We also have a couple of rogue contenders that have really beautiful artwork, such as the Glacial Beasts, which is an interesting water archetype that I think could have some really good synergy if they get some more support. If you are a fan of the Vrains series, you can also get your hands on Roboppi's Appliancer archetype for all of you general home appliance fans. 

Also coming in this set are the coveted legendary dragons. One of them being the prize card, Chaos Emporer, the dragon of Armageddon, which is really good dragon support, and Trishula being a really good target for Superpolymerization.

Speaking of Dragons, this set includes the 10000 secret rare known as Ten Thousand Dragon. A beautiful card that has tons of value and it is really, really shiny.

All these cards, along with some reprints from some of your favorite archetypes; Invoked, Artifacts, Elemental Heroes, and some really cool staples as well to build up and add to any strategy that you so desire.

So come down to our stores and see what you can find in this exciting new set, and who knows, Armageddon might be your beginning instead of the end.