The Gold Mine

by Robert Miles

Hello, all you shiny cardboard lovers, and welcome to our next blog, where we dive deep into Konami's latest golden depths of their product and reveal this exciting set that players both new and old will definitely want to get their hands on.

We introduce the Maximum Gold 2020 set, which gives us a plethora of good, old staples and cards to choose from in all new rarities. Coming in this set, we have 2 new rarities. One resembling the rares that have been discontinued in packs, but this time with gold plated card names, and the all new Maximum Gold Rare, where even the pictures themselves are highlighted in a beautiful, bright gold shimmer.

What makes this set perfect for now, is that it allows new players and players who missed Duel Devastator, a chance to get some staples for their decks, especially some of the best hand traps in the game. Some of them, most notably being Nibiru The Primal Being and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, along with all the other Ghost Girls and even the likes of Infinite Impermanence, makes its fourth printing, or fifth if you count the special edition.

There are a lot of reprints of some old archetypes that I know you would be excited for. Madolche, Zoodiac, Traptrix, Firefist, Nobelknights, Darklords, Barrier statues, and what people may be the most excited for, is the first reprint of some of the Dragonmaids.

There are so many staples in this set, you will be swimming in them. Anything from Harpies Feather Duster all the way to There Can Be Only One. Also, a reprint that sparked big controversy, Eldlich the Golden Lord...In Gold Rare, how cool is that?! A great reprint for a great deck strategy that is still pretty raw and fresh.

This gold mine also contains some alternate artworks of some very well known cards, like Elemental Hero Stratos, Aleister the Invoker, Droll & Lock Bird, Apollousa Bow of the Goddess and Even Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay. Nothing like seeing the card in a different perspective, and for all you lore junkies out there, it might just reveal more.

For you original Yugioh fans, you may get the chance to pull one or more of the three famous signature monsters from the main series. Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon all come in the new Maximum Gold rarity. Try see if you can collect them all!

This is a real Gold mine that you are going to want to dig into. Such an amazing set for this time of the format, helping a lot of up and coming players boost their strategies. Get your shovels and dig into your wallets, because this is gonna be worth it!