September 19, 1939, Donning The Bat-Cowl!

by Michael Garzola

There are three important dates each year any enthusiast should know and commemorate concerning the Dark Knight, firstly Bruce’s birthday, secondly the first appearance of Bruce ‘Master Wayne’ Wayne, and thirdly the debut of The Batman - February 19th, May 19th, & September 19, 1939 respectively. For Detective Comics #27, writer and artist duo Bill Finger & Bob Kane pulled altogether that was great and preferable, from this collective unconscious Bruce Wayne manifested raw and full of potential, and then when issue 31 released and the world learnt the tip of the glacier of who Batman would develop into. 

Don’t believe Us, well, Scott Synder’s Batman and the myriad of Bat Knightmares were totally inconceivable to ever exist in the future, yet, more implausibly the Darkest Knight canonically now exists. There is overpowered and then there is absurdly formidable, The BatManhattan Who Laughs.  

The Bat-Family is an ever increasing grouping of friends-are-family and actual relatives, however none more amusing than Bat-Cow. Here is the most to day list of Bat-Family members: 

  1. Bruce Wayne/Batman
  2. Alfred Pennyworth
  3. Dick Grayson/Robin I/Nightwing/Batman III
  4. Kathy Kane/Batwoman/Katrina "Luka" Netz/Agent 0
  5. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl I /Oracle
  6. Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood
  7. Tim Drake/Robin III/Red Robin
  8. Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond
  9. Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael/Batman II
  10. Stephanie Brown/Spoiler/Robin IV/Batgirl IV
  11. Cassandra Cain/Batgirl III/Blackbat/Orphan
  12. Helena Bertinelli/Huntress/Batgirl II
  13. Helena Wayne/Huntress/Nightwing
  14. Kate Kane/Batwoman II
  15. Damian Wayne/Robin V
  16. David Zavimbe / Batwing
  17. Luke Fox/Batwing II
  18. Julia Pennyworth
  19. Harper Row/Bluebird
  20. Duke Thomas/Signal
  21. Claire Clover / Gotham Girl
  22. Henry "Hank" Clover Jr. / Gotham - deceased
  23. Basil Karlo / Clayface 
  24. Bat-Cow
  25. Bat-Mite
  26. Titus (Damian's dog)
  27. Ace (Bruce's dog)
  28. Selina Kyle / Catwoman
  29. James Gordon
  30. Calvin Rose / Talon
  31. Elizabeth "Bette" Kane / Hawkfire
  32. Carrie Kelly/Robin

Beyond the above Batman has had a myriad of adventures, solo, part a team, mentoring a new generation, and returning from retirement. These stories stay with us whether they are canon, elseworlds, or pastiches. Batman continues to be versatile and inspiring to enthusiasts seasoned and novice alike. So this coming Nineteenth of this month don't be waiting for September to end but revel in this additional Batman Milestone of Eighty One Years of being a PHENOMENAL HERO!

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