Recap of the ROTD Tournament

by Robert Miles

What a great success this last tournament was and it amazing to see all of you there. Congratulations to the winner, Byron Lilford, taking first place with the unlikeliest of decks, Dragonmaids. Quite the accomplishment! Even though so many decks were the ones to look out for, one unexpected deck took the win, and interestingly enough, it wasn't the Dragon Link variant, but more a control pure version of the deck.

As expected, the decks we thought we may have seen, we definitely saw. There were a number of Dragon Link decks, a number of Eldlich variants, and even Dinos. Not to mention, Infernobleknight was there in full force, winning all the way until the top 4.

Our top 4 consisted of 1 pure Dino deck, 1 Eldlich Invoked, 1 Infernobknight, and obviously the champion, Dragonmaids.

One card that was very prominent as expected was Dragoons; it was played in almost every deck that was at the tournament. Walking past tables, a lot of times, I noticed people trying to find an out to Dragoon. Which leads us to wonder what the ban list holds for this terrifying monster.

There were a few Altergeist players and control decks that entered the tournament, but sadly, none made it to the top 4. However, from what I saw, the tournament had some of the best players from the Joburg area, and it was all very tough and fierce competition.

Thank you to all those who came, and we look forward to seeing you all at our next tournament! Keep dueling, and try not to slip into the shadow realm while you're at it!