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Joking Hazard, A Cyanide & Happiness Comic Strip Card Game


Welcome back to another HGC game review of prospective stock items. My name is Michael and you have most likely read several other reviews composed by me and today I am joyfully proud to present this thrilling phenomenal game. Cyanide & Happiness memes and webtoons are still popular amongst young adults, ages 21 to 35, and perhaps their memes are gateways to exploring the rest of the available content, which is good if you're a meme connoisseur and wish more persons to be like you.

At first I didn’t know what to expect from this game, I just had a hunch it would be amusing, and By King Thor’s Beard it is much more amusing than I could ever had predicted. Why, you may ask, well, my fellow enthusiast, you are afforded the opportunity to compose insanely comedic comic strips you don’t have to draw yourself so that you and your gnomies can get your Rick Sanchez High On Kalaxian Crystals On and have euphoric house parties.

The gameplay is smartly structured in several optional ways depending on the intention of each round, my favourite is the Neverending Story, with the purpose is to create one super long comic strip. The game is easily versatile and the game's creators encourage inventive adaptation of how else to play it, so much so that you can possibly become famous for contributing to a new different way of performing the game that, dependent on popularity, many parties could end up playing your style of play instead of the basic way. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of that affectionately strokes my ego.

Playing the game is quite simple, you and two of your buddies pull seven cards at random all while keeping these cards facedown and then electing the first judge happens. Subsequently a starter panel manifests from the shuffled deck and consequently the judge examines their seven cards and selects an appropriate card and places it on either side of the starter panel card. Additionally each player selects a favourable card from their hand like the judge and lays it facedown to build a tower of punchline cards. When everyone concludes this action the judge shuffles this tower of punchline cards and places each punchline card faceup obviously in an anonymously unbiased fashion. The judge then discerns the comparative content of the cards and decides upon the best punchline card, thusly in a Cards Against Humanity style the punchline card belonging to the mystery chooser becomes this round’s victor who keeps their triumphant card for scorekeeping. The next round commences with each player pulling a replacement card to their hand, then the player left of the former judge becomes this round’s judge, and the first player to win three times is the game’s winner.

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