Does Everyone Hate Sword Art Online or Just Kirito?

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth Abdel G.

Many consider SAO to be the godfather of Isekai, the source of the worlds problems in anime, the reason why anime fans are anime fans the birthplace of Well I think it’s the biggest pile of rubbish I've ever laid eyes on, psssh you think I'm just exaggerating especially since I said Kimetsu no Yaiba is bad...well then again, I’m right trust me, deep down you know that SAO is the root of all that is bad in Isekai, but the real question here is why?! Why have so many anime fans taken to the streets to boycott this anime and purge it from anime history, well then ladies and gentleman today I shall diagnose the problem today I shall give you the name, the most vile name to ever grace the lips of an otak- too much hype I know but yeah the reason Isekai sucks is because of Kirito...and here comes the pitchforks.   

Hold up before we start WW3 I need you to understand that I am being unbiased as possible, strolling down the narrow path of being neutral as possible and yes I view SAO as a 6 star rated show...put down those pitchforks and let’s quickly breakdown SAO for a moment, there are lots of nouns that can be associated with SAO such as dung, stool e.t.c but why? Well concept wise SAO is really good, boy gets sent to another world, becomes an overpowered swordsman (everyone's dream), meets cute girl, dates cute girls, becomes the messiah to a futuristic virtual world, oh and by the way that world looks super beautiful and yet in the midst of that beauty even die-hard fans admit that the character development, investments and depth simply just fall flat, a romance that’s just lacking so much, I mean let's not lie, Naruto’s relationship arcs had way better meat and way more drama, but that aside we’ve established that SAO is mediocre but yet it’s a giant in the anime world, why?  

When anime first became the biggest talking block on the street it had arrived at a time where most viewers didn’t know what was good, there was no IGN, Gigguk, Anime man, YouTube, nothing and as a result most people had no clue on what to watch, DBZ brought them in but what could keep them in and guide them, so they were immediately drawn in by the Big 3 at the time which served as a medium for young otakus to get immersed in this form of media entertainment but as we all know shows end, Shonen drags and there was a new itch that needed to be scratched for anime fans, streaming shows slowly became...hehehe, mainstream… but anime really started to show it can be a juggernaut media when Crunchyroll first rolled through, you gotta admit that pun was cool, nothing? No? Ayt. When Crunchyroll hit the web it quickly became the go to form of anime digestion (but that’s another blog), due to Crunchyroll's appearance we began to experience having so much anime at our disposal, so much content that we became unforgiving to bigger shows that threw filler in our face and we had to take it, but no more, yet with a robust of anime and a majority of shows we faced a problem that arose at the dawning of anime, we needed a new show like the big 3 to guide us into this new era, a from of gateway and SAO alongside AOT stepped up to the plate. SAO came in at the time where technology was being reshaped into something holistically new, from Androids, to smartphones, the ps4 was speculated, social media had hit a new stride and we began to believe that our technological exploits were limitless I mean WIFI is easier to excess then water and this was supposedly the mindset in the western world so when SAO hit the web with its futuristic plot, characters and setting it hit the western world with force equivalent to a nuclear bomb.

Yet even so we had shows like this before in the world of anime, but the truth is timing is key here, you could even make a mention that it's all there is here, SAO was not necessarily the start of Isekai but you could say it was the start of a theme where anime shows targeted gamers since that was the thrill, remember in 2012 the VR was announce, which legit blew open the doors of gaming, yet not as revolutionary as the ones used in Log Horizon, SAO, and respective shows, SAO was there when anime needed a new doorway for new and old viewers and the show doesn’t pride itself in Kirito but the viewer, it opens the doors to fans to venture into a world through anime and experience a world they choose to create for themselves and yes it's not as methodically thought out as One Piece, beautiful as Demon Slayer, it’s still a great show in itself, the fact that SAO can pick on recurring and new themes in the world of videogames and integrate it so well, that alone is amazing and testament to the shows sustain, so the thing here is does everyone hate Kirito yes, but deep down, there was a time when you loved and adored him, when the world of SAO was beautiful in your eyes, ha! Sike!

Well then I hope you enjoyed this blog and look forward to your opinions on whether you think SAO was goo- well we all know the only comments we’ll be getting are ones focused on why the show is so bad am I right? So let us know whether you think SAO was the pioneer for present day anime and its fan base and don’t forget to check out our online catalogue on anime merch.


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