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Cards Against Muggles, More Like Cards About Wizards


The Lengthy Ebony Box Exudes Elegance And Satisfactory Font. Beneath the box easily explains how to play and instantly I recall exactly how I played Cards Against Humanity a few years ago and won a pool of cash at a work party. 

So far the content of the cards moans pervy referential humour, nothing wrong with that amongst rival friends. 

Not impossible, but usually one Cardster may become biased when two players are participating and the Cardster is one of the two, thus an impartial judge is always neccessary. 

It does seem like a rarity that you'll encounter a wholesome family friendly black question or fill-in-the-black phrase and white answer card too. 

The game is lots of fun, refreshingly so, each question and answer is unexpecting and liberating. A house party is not complete without a game like this. I agree with box encouraging 4 to 20+ participants to play this game. 

17+ is accurate according to me and Kris, however it seems plausible that many teens (at least in my day) were frequently and unshameably discussing such topics.

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