August Comic Book Character Debuts!

by John Lee

Salutations! It is I, Dio! No, actually it is Michael, veteran employee of HGC here yet again to edutain (educate and entertain). 

August is a special month for many reasons, some for family significance, and now important for other reasons, graphic literary character debuts. My favourite characters I discovered were debut this month years ago are thusly: Hellboy, Etrigan, the WildC.A.T.s, Gambit, Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, Red Tornado, and Loki!

In this article you shall learn as I have, commemorative dates of mainstream and cult following characteristics. 
So from this year and until the heat death and implosion of the universe here's what you can celebrate this month via purchasing from us, if stock remains, their debuts either in comic book issue or graphic novel collection editions. I.E. For every character's debut which research has proved fruitless beyond listing the month, August in this case, I shall list them at the first of that month. You're Welcome. 

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) 1962 (1st August) Marvel Stan Lee, Steve Ditko Amazing Fantasy #15
Thor (Thor Odinson) 1962 (August) Marvel Stan Lee, Jack Kirby Journey into Mystery #83
Black Canary 1947 (August) DC Robert Kanigher, Carmine Infantino Flash Comics #86
Phantom Stranger 1952 (August) DC John Broome, Carmine Infantino, Sy Barry Phantom Stranger #1
Super Girl (tryout version) 1958 (August) DC Otto Binder, Al Plastino Superman #123
Deathlok 1974 (August) Marvel Rich Buckler, Doug Moench Astonishing Tales #25
WildC.A.T.s 1992 (August ) Image Comics Jim Lee
Jesse Quick (daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle) 1992 (August) DC Len Strazewski, Mike Parobeck Justice Society of America (vol. 2) #1
Moon Knight 1975 (August) Marvel Doug Moench, Don Perlin Werewolf by Night #32
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) 1972 (August) Marvel Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Mike Ploog Marvel Spotlight #5

1962: Loki made his magnificent, mischievous first appearance in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #85.

1964: The Purple Man AKA Zebediah Killgrave, one of the most sinister and disturbing villains in Marvel history, made his first appearance in DAREDEVIL #4.

1969: THOR #169 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby features the first origin of Galactus,
August 5: Superboy discovers Kryptonite

1985: Rachel Summers became Phoenix in UNCANNY X-MEN #199 by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.

August 8th FANTASTIC FOUR #1 by Stan and Jack rocketed into existence like a ship carrying four adventurers bombarded by cosmic rays! This issue, featuring the first appearance of the Fantastic Four and the Mole Man, sparked the birth of the Marvel Age of comics and truly changed the landscape of pop culture.

Also this day, in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduces the Lizard AKA Curt Connors and his family.
Molecule Man, one of the most powerful (and bullied) characters in the Marvel Universe, debuts in FANTASTIC FOUR #20 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Captain America returns to the Marvel Universe in a Human Torch story within STRANGE TALES #114 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! But it’s not really Captain America, it’s in fact one of Human Torch’s enemies, the Acrobat, who was impersonating Captain America. At this point, the real Cap was still in suspended animation, and wouldn’t be found by the Avengers until AVENGERS #4, which was released in January 1964.

1968: Behold… the Vision! One of longest-tenured and most important members of the Avengers, the synthezoid Vision made his first appearance in AVENGERS #57 by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. Created by Ultron and sent to kill the Avengers, Viz turns on his maker and helps defeat the malevolent droid.   

(Early August) Robin (Tim Drake, Tim Drake was named after Tim Burton's then upcoming Batman movie of 1989) DC Comics Marv Wolfman Batman #436
August 10: Boston Brand murdered, becomes Deadman
August 13: Steve Trevor’s plane crashes on Friday the 13th
August 14: Supergirl adopts Streaky, the Super-Cat
August 14th Blue Beetle, 1939, Fox Publications Charles Nicholas Mystery Men Comics #1
August 15th: Gambit, 1990, Marvel Chris Claremont, Jim Lee X-Men #266
August 19–22, 1993 Hellboy Dark Horse Mike Mignola San Diego Comic Con Comics #2
August 23: Freddy Freeman becomes Captain Marvel, Jr.
August 25: Dick Grayson’s first appearance as Robin [Pre-Crisis version]
August 27: Lab accident destroys Luthor’s great discovery, makes him lose his hair. He blames Superboy, starts feud
August 28: Ralph Dibny marries Sue Dearborn, publicly reveals he is Elongated Man
August 30: Superman builds his Fortress of Solitude
August 31: J’onn J’onzz, Martian Manhunter, quits JLA and leaves Earth to join his exiled people

Now, here, reader, is confusing stuff, Etrigan the Demon (created by Jack Kirby) somehow is listed under August 1972 even though 'The Demon #1' is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1972, however further reading show it was published on June 22, 1972, so I'm gonna say it was made fully known at San Diego Comic Con in Aug sometime between 18–21, 1972.

There may be promotions concerning these debuts coming soon, but for now, thanks for reading and until next time. May You Happily & Healthily Live Long And Prosper (Through Your Affinities)!


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Awesome read as always.
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