Aprilia’s Track-Only Trofeo Version of RS457: A New Era in Motorsport

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Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Aprilia, is set to revolutionize the racing world with the reveal of a track-only Trofeo version of their A2 licence-friendly RS457 sportsbike. This move is part of their official plans for a one-make race series in 2025.

Unlike traditional race bikes, the finished machines will not be sold separately. Instead, Aprilia will offer a kit to convert the A2 licence friendly model for competition regulations. This innovative approach allows riders to modify their existing bikes, making motorsport more accessible and cost-effective.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

Aprilia first unveiled the standard parallel-twin RS457 in September 2023. However, it was at last month’s Eicma trade show in Milan where they showcased a track-focused version of the parallel twin. The Italian brand confirmed to MCN that the finalised Trofeo package is still in development, building anticipation among motorsport enthusiasts.

The eventual race series is designed to offer an entry point to motorsport while keeping the costs of racing to a minimum. As such, the bikes will feature basic changes from standard, including race-ready bodywork, an SC Project exhaust system, and revised suspension componentry.

The Trofeo Legacy

Aprilia already produces a larger RS660 Trofeo to compete in a one-make race series. The standard 99bhp 660 serves as a base for this model. It’s likely that the smaller 457 version will follow suit, with no internal engine revisions. The SC Project system is expected to provide a marginal lift, enhancing the bike’s performance on the track.

Key Features

The revised suspension appears to consist of a fully adjustable Öhlins shock, plus updated internals within the standard 41mm blacked-out fork tubes. The bodywork, dressed in a MotoGP inspired livery, features no slots for road-going essentials like mirrors, reinforcing its track-only purpose.

The seat has been stripped away to a thin piece of foam, further harnessing its competition quality. Aftermarket rearsets should assist with bigger lean angles, and a subtle engine protector visible on the bottom half of the right-side casing provides some security in a fall.

Despite its racing disposition and Pirelli stickers on the front mudguard, the bike seen at Eicma features a pair of basic TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tyres. These are unlikely to provide the performance needed in a racing setting. The ABS sensors also appear to be in place but will almost certainly be removed for racing.


With the reveal of the track-only Trofeo version of their RS457 sportsbike, Aprilia is not just launching a new product. They are ushering in a new era in motorsport, making it more accessible and affordable for racing enthusiasts around the world.


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