Was Tokyo Ghoul a Masterpiece?!

by Abdel Gemoh

When we started watching anime many moons ago, we had seen countless anime clothed in beauty but yet a deeper darker more tragic side underneath, from Berserk, Grave of Fireflies, Clannad, Anohana and FMA Brotherhood, yet despite seeing all that, truth is, we had never seen Tokyo Ghoul coming and come it did.

Tokyo is a tough anime to talk about because it’s an anime that can have breathtaking highs, but when the anime under-delivers it can show viewers a new type of rock bottom. The anime was pretty good, amazing OST’s, some off the best out there, beautiful visuals and an amazing context, so, let’s talk about the story, this is where I expect the tomatoes to come raining in, so remember when you were little and you tried to bake that really awesome cake following the instructions on a cooking-book and ended up forgetting half the ingredients or using the wrong ones and the cake looked like complete shit and shit was all over the kitchen and then your mother walked in and slapped you across the face? Whether or not you remember, if you can picture that scenario then you can picture how Studio Pierrot's attempt at adapting Tokyo Ghoul into an anime unfolded, but I mean it couldn’t have been that bad right? *One long awkward silence later* right? Wrong. When I said Tokyo Ghoul can show you how bad an anime can get, this is what I mean, Tokyo Ghoul when first released as a manga was the most popular manga out there at the time and you expected the studio director to just copy and paste, easy win but no they went through and did their own special show and many anime viewers were robbed of something special, the show had 0 character development outside of Kaneki and that was development was just, ayt, no bear with me, Kaneki ever only became interesting in the final 5minutes of season 1 and in season 2 we were just lost in this maze randomly watching his ordinary anime.

The lack of the anime having character development meant the show needed to have a stunning and spectacular plot in 12 episodes, did we get that? Nope. Here’s the plot Humans vs Ghouls, ghouls eat humans so technically ghouls are bad, well there’s more to it you’d expect in anime and thus I didn’t call this part dreadful, just poorly done. The plot tackles a great subject. Identity.

The characters are interesting and there is a variety varying in personality as well. I really liked all the characters(Yet Lord have mercy on that development). The most pretentious thing about Tokyo Ghoul are the attempts at emotionally moving the audience by having some characters we know nothing about die and seeing other characters feel sad while the soundtrack playing assures us that this is indeed meant to be an emotional scene...awkward.

Music wise, this anime sits at the top of the food pack, HO-MI-GAWT this anime can give you feels just by sitting there and listening to the OST heck, forget about watching it, just listen to the OST.

INn summary though Tokyo Ghoul takes more L’s the W’s because it’s just mainstream for some odd reason (*coughs*  *coughs Sword Art Online *coughs* *coughs*), Tokyo Ghoul is an amazing manga trust me, it really is, but as an anime I can’t see myself going back and rewatching this, unless I end up in a situation where I have to, who am I kidding I'm obviously gonna rewatch this for the 12th time tonight, oh and if you’re looking for Tokyo Ghoul or anime merch, head on down to our website we’re sure to have something for everybody.

Attack on Titan is the undisputed king of Dark Anime.

by Abdel Gemoh

I remember it was 2013, boy does time fly past, Rodman played basketball with Kim Jon-un, the Harlem shake became a thing and prior to that Crunchyroll was announced, Psycho Pass was rounding up oh and Attack on Titan was announced alongside SAO and looking back on all that right now it’s amazing, that Sword Art Online is still big, I swear, I said it would’ve died in 2015, I legit gambl - *cough*, but nothing would’ve prepared me 9 years later for the final season of Attack on Titans season 4.

Attack on Titan has without a doubt gone where no anime has gone before, blurring the line between spectacle and tragedy with every episode and completely shattered the barrier between good and evil with each season, becoming the current centerpiece for mainstream anime and how fitting indeed, like we said in our previous article Shingeki no Kyojin and Sword Art Online were the gateway and founding fathers of streaming anime for watchers back at the dawn of stream, it’s such a wonderful romance to see how when anime has finally become mainstream AoT gets the chance to stand at the top of it in its final season and not only that AoT has even gone as far as becoming the highest rated TV series on imDB something held by the likes of Game of Thrones and Big Bang, but what is that makes this show, so good.

Attack on Titan knows how to tell a story, that’s just it, the story seems linear at the start, with a main character, who has a linear mindset and yes a linear goal, he gets a power up which is cliche but with that mystery is born and questions arise and that was a theme for 3 seasons, we had questions, one would  get answered but 3 more would take its place, but the thing is we didn’t mind, but it didn’t take long for us go from a linear plot to a vast throbbing world of mystery and questions, and a cast filled with amazing characters, I mean any cast with Erwin Smith in it is going to be fire no matter what. Even the main character goes through one of the most powerful and amazing developments ever told in a story, but that doesn’t go for the cast, each supporting character is different and impactful each in their own way and that is what makes this so show so spectacular, animation is so good, but if It had 1998 artwork i’d watch this ten times over just for the story.

It’s funny to think this came out around the same time as SAO and though both accomplished great feats well one more then the other, AoT has to undoubtedly be the best out of the two, Naruto had some great world building, Demon Slayer(though still ongoing) had a internet breaking episode 19, but in reality Attack on Titan is without a doubt a masterpiece, ever since part 2 of season 3 it has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride and being avid readers of the manga, trust when we say this trip is going nowhere else but up, all hail the Godfather of modern day anime and the current King of TV series, long may he reign, all hail AoT.

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We Told You Jujutsu Kaisen is Fire

by Abdel Gemoh

There are numerous forms of acquiring bliss in this world, many, upon many, some are more fulfilling than others while the feeling is albeit the same and in recent weeks I have felt nothing but true glorious bliss, a bliss that could be described and explained in many ways but I shall use words that truly signify my bliss and these words are… “I told you Jujutsu Kaisen will be the best anime this season.”, Oh you think I’m capping, uh no that’s a fact don’t believe me then check out this blog I did back in oh guess what October! Here look at it!  I thought y’all were loyal yeah now imma pull out my pitchforks due to this betrayal!

There are many ways to describe Jujutsu Kaisen, freaky, crazy, weird, goofy, downright beautiful but without a shadow of a doubt Jujutsu Kaisen ticks like every check mark on that list, It came in with the hype of Black Clover but delivered on a par almost comparable to Demon Slayer, It had memorable moments and even broke the web but let’s jump into what makes this show so good, or at least seem that way.

After the juggernaut year that anime had last year summarized in one word, Demon Slayer, many of us didn’t really expect much from other or new anime going forward for a while, sure we expected good shows here and there with some sturdy performances but not anything groundbreaking, but Jujutsu Kaisen did not seem to get the memo and came in with its own heat, set in a world that had Tokyo Ghoul type horror, but yet filled with intensity that could get your heart pumping faster than the world's purest coke, Jujutsu came with a statement to make and a statement it did make, normally we’ve had the pleasure and horror of witnessing Shounen of this type come in with similar plots but completely get derailed eventually become boring or downright stale, with repetitive plots, uninteresting fights or simply not enough action, but it seemed as though Jujutsu took a script from Kimetsu cause everything about the anime just clicked, the animation is just drop dead gorgeous and the characters in that world are anything but dull, you fall in love in a heartbeat with the cast and although my disappointment comes in the lack of waifu material and the absence of a quality loli, I soon found myself stuck in a panic revolving the fact that an anime can still be good without any of these aspects, like imagine I watched an anime and did not find waifu material and I’m rating the anime above 8!!!

Jujutsu is without its flaws but the sad reality is that its flaws aren’t flaws in the actual show but rather the flaws that the community impose onto it. See, from the start of this blog i’ve used a repeated theme that is unfair to any anime, but a theme that is used in almost all reviews and that is, comparison, see Jujutsu is a quality anime and while it may have its flaws they are quickly blotted out by just how good the show actually is but because of timing it is almost immediately compared to Demon Slayer even if it was released 3 years from now it would have been compared to it regardless and that’s were the problems Jujutsu has lies and i’m not saying the issues are not valid in some cases but in most cases they are simply unfair, for example there was a fight scene in Jujutsu that so badass it broke the web, but yeah you guessed they compared it to Demon Slayer ep19 and the fight was on par with it but just and I mean only just fell under. Another aspect is that Kimetsu no Yaiba is mainstream and I mean mainstream the manga is so big it literally dethroned One Piece as the number one selling shonen of 2019, I know right, absolute madness, but it definitely deserved that and all credits to the show but that just goes to testament that you can’t compare these two as the hype around Kimetsu is so big it just swallows up anything and everything around it, I mean look at Vinland Saga. 

So the question remains is, Jujutsu the best anime this season, no… it’s the best anime this year, by a fine margin, like believe me when I tell you this anime is worth every minute of your time, but hey don’t take my word for it, head over to your nearest streaming service and check it out and while your at it don’t forget to check out our anime merch and see what goodies you can pick up!

Is it Fate?

by Abdel Gemoh

You know growing up I used to consider myself, a nerd, who’d never get a girlfriend, I’d look in the mirror and be like damn, is this my fate, to forever be this good looking but yet these people were so self conscious they’d overlook it and assume the worse, I mean, people would say it was game but, I mean, my game was so on point I could hit you up with anime pick up lines so good that your waifu would choose me everyday of the week, doubt me? Well here take a sit in how to pick up waifus 101: 

Pick up line 1: Abdel: Hey beautiful, do you believe in Fate? 

 Her Yes/No, why? 

 Abdel: Cause it’s asking you to stay the night.


 Pick up Line 2: 

 Abdel: Do You Have a Death Note? 

 Her: Why? 

 Ab: Cause every time you smile, I feel like I'm having a Heart Attack.


I know right, settle down kids, this is a lifetime of hard work, it ain’t easy flexing a yearly watch time of 14088 hours on anime (Lol I don’t actually spend that much time on anime, I’ve got a life.), but yet in all this time of wasted opportunities, I came across an anime that shook the foundation of how I viewed anime, you know it’s saying something when you legit waste 90% of your day consuming a form of media that will in no way add value to your life, yes I said anime, doesn’t change anything-about-you, but yet while consuming it you begin to see themes that recurred and reappeared in so many anime, you felt like this was it, the standard, well that was until I watched Fate.

Now of course as with every other anime produced by Type Moon the number one question here is, “Where do I start?”, “Which one?”, well… that’s not my problem go here, seriously how you guys just go come here and read all this just for the order, no! Jeez, but that aside we were talking about Fate, truth be told, if you decided to go on Netflix and binge this randomly you’ll get lost, no seriously the publishers were like, “Hey let’s produce a show, but, we’ll release the 2nd part first then part two to the second part and then while everyone thinks part 2 is part 1 we’ll make the real part 1 to hide our flaws but ruin the fun for the original watchers cause they’ll already know the winner!.”

I can imagine that’s how the creative team went about things, but although they might sound as though they were blazing some rare exotic plant from India, I highly encourage them to keep on it, you see, the Fate Series has to be one of the most well written stories I've seen, I know, I know, it’s slow, I know, but hear me out as I give a basic summary, basically there’s a war held every few years amongst Master Magician, mostly among noble families since Shenron knows when and they fight for the Holy Grail which can grant the victor any one wish in a battle called the Holy Grail War, it’s literally a battle til’ the death, last man standing vibes, but see we wouldn’t love it for that nooooo, oh no, see, basically all 13 magicians have access to an ally called servants comprised of different classes which serve them in their quest to get the Holy Grail, but of course they both have a mind of their own and are capable of disobeying them, I mean after all they are  the living spiritual embodiment of Legendary Heroes of old, Like Saber Class: Her Majesty King Arthur, no, that wasn’t a typo King Arthur was a woman, I know! I won’t lie, I didn’t care, not even in the least but this creative team went out of their way to make her just fit in, and don’t get me started on Gilgamesh, like man when he hits you with the line, “Who asked you to gaze up at me scoundrel?”, you can’t help but just fall in love with him, no, that was not a moment.

Fate has to be one of the most beautiful looking anime, I've ever seen, you could swear the studios broke the bank every episode to deliver such a spectacle and it doesn’t even look like it aged for a show from nearly one and a half ago, like I said this creative team is just on point the whole show, but I'm sure you’re all wondering when am I going to stop praising it, give me a moment, I’m almost there, another aspect Fate shines is in its story, see every character shines, from masters, to servants, especially servants, see every servant is a hero from a passed age, and they have lived and they have died, and all have failed in their greatness to bring about the change, goal and dream they sought, such as Gilgamesh in his search for eternal life, or Arthur in her search for world peace, all have searched and none have succeeded  and when you pit such personalities and great individuals against each other well then of course you’re in for a battle bigger than Ragnarok all in an attempt to change their fate.

Well now for the harsh truth and the con of Fate, the continuity or whatever word you want to throw in, see Fate makes no sense, hold up put down those pitchforks, listen, if you were an anime fan today without google and I gave you Fate with a usb and said yo bro watch this, would you get it? Don’t even try and cap, you know what I’m saying, this show makes no sense unless you actually invested time in it, it’s like watching Avengers Endgame but not watching Infinity War first, like what kind of monster do you have to be to do that? Like no, what’s wrong with you? Point here though is, Fate is hard to get in cause honestly the first part of it is like a 7.0 out of ten and it should be a ten since Gilgamesh is there but these other props just bring down my boy’s swagger, he can’t carry a show alone, in fact the whole Fate franchise would be a ten if Gilgamesh played all the roles really, but sadly he’s only a king.


So am I saying Fate is unwatchable because of its beginning, absolutely not, Fate is good, it really is, but like I said earlier the creatives are on roids so sometimes they make great choices and downright rubbish moves, the show starts of slow with Fate: Zero it could take you a week or two to finish not because of length but more so cause of enjoyment, but once you hit the final episode of it and move to Fate: Stay Night you may need to call in sick on Monday cause damn, you’ll be dying to see what Fate has in store for this cast, yeah I know this closing was trashy for days, but I still catfished you into reading a review on Fate and also checking out our anime merch.

The Gold Mine

by Robert Miles

Hello, all you shiny cardboard lovers, and welcome to our next blog, where we dive deep into Konami's latest golden depths of their product and reveal this exciting set that players both new and old will definitely want to get their hands on.

We introduce the Maximum Gold 2020 set, which gives us a plethora of good, old staples and cards to choose from in all new rarities. Coming in this set, we have 2 new rarities. One resembling the rares that have been discontinued in packs, but this time with gold plated card names, and the all new Maximum Gold Rare, where even the pictures themselves are highlighted in a beautiful, bright gold shimmer.

What makes this set perfect for now, is that it allows new players and players who missed Duel Devastator, a chance to get some staples for their decks, especially some of the best hand traps in the game. Some of them, most notably being Nibiru The Primal Being and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, along with all the other Ghost Girls and even the likes of Infinite Impermanence, makes its fourth printing, or fifth if you count the special edition.

There are a lot of reprints of some old archetypes that I know you would be excited for. Madolche, Zoodiac, Traptrix, Firefist, Nobelknights, Darklords, Barrier statues, and what people may be the most excited for, is the first reprint of some of the Dragonmaids.

There are so many staples in this set, you will be swimming in them. Anything from Harpies Feather Duster all the way to There Can Be Only One. Also, a reprint that sparked big controversy, Eldlich the Golden Lord...In Gold Rare, how cool is that?! A great reprint for a great deck strategy that is still pretty raw and fresh.

This gold mine also contains some alternate artworks of some very well known cards, like Elemental Hero Stratos, Aleister the Invoker, Droll & Lock Bird, Apollousa Bow of the Goddess and Even Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay. Nothing like seeing the card in a different perspective, and for all you lore junkies out there, it might just reveal more.

For you original Yugioh fans, you may get the chance to pull one or more of the three famous signature monsters from the main series. Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon all come in the new Maximum Gold rarity. Try see if you can collect them all!

This is a real Gold mine that you are going to want to dig into. Such an amazing set for this time of the format, helping a lot of up and coming players boost their strategies. Get your shovels and dig into your wallets, because this is gonna be worth it!

The King of Fighting Anime

by Abdel Gemoh

We all know Dragon Ball Z is the greatest fighting anime of all ti- woah, I’m sorry guys I was just messing around, that was a lie, like that cap was so bad, I bet you were laughing, haha, check out the grin on your face, no? Okay. For years the anime world has had this massive argument, since the dawn of the first weeb, the question has been which is the best fighting, action themed anime ever? Well today ladies and gentlemen I seek not to answer that question, but rather add more bad blood to it, behold on the left side we have all your average anime thinking they’ve got good fight scenes so it makes them think they’re good but really they’re not, and on the right side of the ring the holder of the best anime meme(s) of all time, Fist-OF-THE-NORTH-STAR!

It’s one thing when an anime holds the title for one of the most iconic memes ever, hold up Dio fans I already made a blog about you, but it’s another thing when the anime itself lives up to the par standard set for it by its respected meme and Fist of the North Star by far delivers I mean before you even know it, you’re in love with the show, ha, see what I did there, see? Fine. The question though is why do I stand by the point of it being so better at just raw fighting, I mean, the story is cliché and the fight scenes are absurd, lord knows they are just downright insane, but hey some of you guys think anime characters shooting blue magical blast wave thingies from their hands is normal and cool, so I bet Fist of the North Star will fit in just fine on your list of anime to watch, but that would be injustice to an anime such as this, to simply just add it to your list is blasphemy, this should be put at the very top! A show that once ran the pages of Shonen Jump in the 80’s and later adapted to a 72 volume manga and not far after adapted to anime this anime is something that deserves way more then it's made out to be, it was born back when anime was still finding its footsteps and was out before anime became the monolith it is today, this anime was the Senpai of Dragon Ball as this was one of the anime it took its inspiration from so in truth this show could be considered the Granddaddy of modern action anime.

Story wise the show does not disappoint, I mean it’s an anime from the 80’s since when does an anime from the 80’s have bad storyline, yeah I’m looking at you Project A-ko, Fist of the North Star’s plot is amazing and of course like all 80’s shows the author figures it out along the way before actually sitting down and saying to themselves I know exactly what I’m doing now, and yet the viewer is left completely unaware of this and feels everything the creator is doing is profound and well thought out, and that’s what makes the show that good, that even if it’s done on improv it can still feel so good to watch our protagonist use his amazing punchline, speaking of cast, Fist of the North Star boasts a cast that is still seen as one of the best and most robust in anime today, they even boast a antagonist in Ra-oh that is seen as the most formidable villain in all of anime & yet the character development and relationship surrounding each and every character is far from forsaken as each individual is so fleshed out that you can tell and imagine how they came to be and where they’re headed, there’s never a sense of a character feeling overused or too boring plus you never feel as though their development is wasted or even not there at all no matter how brief their stay is, even in regards to that characters never overstay their welcome, you’ll draw out your favourite character and be left with a satisfying yet heart gaping please don’t go moment, damn I miss you Juza.

Fist of the North is an amazing show and a gem in anime history and would it have been able to hold its own if it were released in modern day anime? Absolutely not, you see this is the underlier, Fist of the North Star at its time was revolutionary, everything about it was, amazing and simply groundbreaking, but the aspects that made it revolutionary are so common in modern day anime, to the point where it’s been improved on and refined and I wouldn’t say perfected but it’s somewhere there, the show can be the source of all action and fighting anime but anime has reached a point where the student has become the master, well the master in all but one field, cause after it’s all said and done, put Goku, Jotaro, Madara, Jiren, Luffy, Ichigo, Midoriya or whoever you want in a ring, I bet you they’ll be dead before they even know it.

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Monster is Brilliant

by Abdel Gemoh

Monster, a word used as a noun and sometimes informally as a verb, I dunno who’d do that but hey, Britain, i remember as a kid my mom always told me don’t watch this or don’t watch that but as a kid you know you’re naturally wired to do the opposite, it’s the exploratory side of you that simply compels you to do otherwise and it was that faithful evening on some random rainy night, I think, in 2013 when I decided to torrent Monster, yeah, and it messed-me-up.

Monster has to be one of if not the greatest and most thought-provoking anime out there both in the past and present generation you could pretty much call it timeless, but it’s really hard to say that huh? Reason being because not a lot of people talk about it, we know and anime is built on sales and popularity but we know Monster isn’t the highest grossing anime show out there and that it doesn’t have a toxic fanbase so without these key components why does it seem as though i’m hyping nothing? Well truth is the reason it's not that loud irrespective of age and quality is down to multiple factors, for instance if we took into account the plot of Monster it was straightforward, find the monster, but the dynamics and ingenuity and yes thought process required was simply out of this world, Urasawa created a show that had you on your toe in a methodical and slow fashion were you danced to the rhythm of the show and couldn’t just casually watch the show, think Steins Gate, every reference is important every detail cannot be wasted, to create that structure just in a anime show alone is simply fantastic.

Yet should Monster be something considered mainstream? when Monster first started it was home to a mature audience, so in an era dominated by DBZ and Shonen big 3 there was no space for Monster, streaming had yet to be invented so if you lived out of Japan or lived outside of the US in the 2004-2006 period, ithen you had no chance of watching this and even so, being new to anime would you have watch it then?  To answer all this it simply comes down to the viewer as you see when you take everything that makes anime, well anime, and compare it to Monster you’ll immediately see that monster is literally the opposite of everything called anime today, in terms of views, ideals and values, for instance one thing that stands out is simple storytelling  only few shows actually capture this but the majority of anime shows is to show this fantastical, unrealistic, out of this world side to it and there’s nothing wrong with it as opposed to Monster where the story stored in it is on a whole new level, Monster has no special powers, no giant robots, no superheroes, no unrealistic simp energy love stories, no its just raw storytelling and it’s done so, so well and yes as it is anime, it does have some side to it that may seem or feel unrealistic it is ground in facts and reality or to a extreme the facet of a character’s subconscious, that’s just a tip of the iceberg.


One thing Monster underlines at the start of the show is the reality of choices, we see that our protagonist is faced with a decision no doctor would want to make, save one life over another, a tough and in a sense simple decision from our perspective but that one action ended up setting the pace for the entire show run as it affected the entire cast of that show in dynamic fashion,  our protagonist is then forced to deal with his actions as the consequences play out in front of him, all the while dealing with provocative questions such as what is justice? Morality, law, ethics, standards? Why do they exist? Who implemented them? Why go by it? Is everything on it true? Let’s not forget Johan the OG Kira Hoshikage! It took the very foundation of society and tore it wide open for it to be re-evaluated through the eyes of the villain as well as the audience, something like this or equivalent has yet to be done or reproduced in the world of anime, which is another reason for why Monster is so damn good.

So if you need an anime recommendation or about to move unto your next anime on that list of things t watch take a break and just pick up this brilliant piece of anime, and be enthralled in a world that is simply begging you to think outside the box a world that can challenge you to a degree no anime ever has and ever wll, step into the world of a Monster and see what makes them tick oh and check out our manga stuff, yeah you know I was gonna slide my sales pitch somewhere here anyways.

Does Everyone Hate Sword Art Online or Just Kirito?

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth Abdel G.

Many consider SAO to be the godfather of Isekai, the source of the worlds problems in anime, the reason why anime fans are anime fans the birthplace of Otaku...me? Well I think it’s the biggest pile of rubbish I've ever laid eyes on, psssh you think I'm just exaggerating especially since I said Kimetsu no Yaiba is bad...well then again, I’m right trust me, deep down you know that SAO is the root of all that is bad in Isekai, but the real question here is why?! Why have so many anime fans taken to the streets to boycott this anime and purge it from anime history, well then ladies and gentleman today I shall diagnose the problem today I shall give you the name, the most vile name to ever grace the lips of an otak- too much hype I know but yeah the reason Isekai sucks is because of Kirito...and here comes the pitchforks.   

Hold up before we start WW3 I need you to understand that I am being unbiased as possible, strolling down the narrow path of being neutral as possible and yes I view SAO as a 6 star rated show...put down those pitchforks and let’s quickly breakdown SAO for a moment, there are lots of nouns that can be associated with SAO such as dung, stool e.t.c but why? Well concept wise SAO is really good, boy gets sent to another world, becomes an overpowered swordsman (everyone's dream), meets cute girl, dates cute girls, becomes the messiah to a futuristic virtual world, oh and by the way that world looks super beautiful and yet in the midst of that beauty even die-hard fans admit that the character development, investments and depth simply just fall flat, a romance that’s just lacking so much, I mean let's not lie, Naruto’s relationship arcs had way better meat and way more drama, but that aside we’ve established that SAO is mediocre but yet it’s a giant in the anime world, why?  

When anime first became the biggest talking block on the street it had arrived at a time where most viewers didn’t know what was good, there was no IGN, Gigguk, Anime man, YouTube, nothing and as a result most people had no clue on what to watch, DBZ brought them in but what could keep them in and guide them, so they were immediately drawn in by the Big 3 at the time which served as a medium for young otakus to get immersed in this form of media entertainment but as we all know shows end, Shonen drags and there was a new itch that needed to be scratched for anime fans, streaming shows slowly became...hehehe, mainstream… but anime really started to show it can be a juggernaut media when Crunchyroll first rolled through, you gotta admit that pun was cool, nothing? No? Ayt. When Crunchyroll hit the web it quickly became the go to form of anime digestion (but that’s another blog), due to Crunchyroll's appearance we began to experience having so much anime at our disposal, so much content that we became unforgiving to bigger shows that threw filler in our face and we had to take it, but no more, yet with a robust of anime and a majority of shows we faced a problem that arose at the dawning of anime, we needed a new show like the big 3 to guide us into this new era, a from of gateway and SAO alongside AOT stepped up to the plate. SAO came in at the time where technology was being reshaped into something holistically new, from Androids, to smartphones, the ps4 was speculated, social media had hit a new stride and we began to believe that our technological exploits were limitless I mean WIFI is easier to excess then water and this was supposedly the mindset in the western world so when SAO hit the web with its futuristic plot, characters and setting it hit the western world with force equivalent to a nuclear bomb.

Yet even so we had shows like this before in the world of anime, but the truth is timing is key here, you could even make a mention that it's all there is here, SAO was not necessarily the start of Isekai but you could say it was the start of a theme where anime shows targeted gamers since that was the thrill, remember in 2012 the VR was announce, which legit blew open the doors of gaming, yet not as revolutionary as the ones used in Log Horizon, SAO, and respective shows, SAO was there when anime needed a new doorway for new and old viewers and the show doesn’t pride itself in Kirito but the viewer, it opens the doors to fans to venture into a world through anime and experience a world they choose to create for themselves and yes it's not as methodically thought out as One Piece, beautiful as Demon Slayer, it’s still a great show in itself, the fact that SAO can pick on recurring and new themes in the world of videogames and integrate it so well, that alone is amazing and testament to the shows sustain, so the thing here is does everyone hate Kirito yes, but deep down, there was a time when you loved and adored him, when the world of SAO was beautiful in your eyes, ha! Sike!

Well then I hope you enjoyed this blog and look forward to your opinions on whether you think SAO was goo- well we all know the only comments we’ll be getting are ones focused on why the show is so bad am I right? So let us know whether you think SAO was the pioneer for present day anime and its fan base and don’t forget to check out our online catalogue on anime merch.

Dragoon Pass...

by Robert Miles

Hello fellow duelists and Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts, and welcome to another one of our blogs. Our blog today is gonna be catered to one specific card that is so feared, so terrifying and rampant, that I can actually write an entire blog about it. This card is Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.

Now as we know, Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon arrived in the 2020 Mega-tins. It is an extremely powerful card. It is a level 8, Dark, Spellcaster type fusion effect monster. Its effect allows you to have an omni negate and destroy, so long as you have a card in your hand to discard for it, only once per turn, and it gains 1000 attack if it does. It also has the ability to destroy an opponent's monster and inflict damage equal to that monster's attack points, and not to mention, it can be as many times as the amount of normal monsters used for its fusion summon. Then, on top of all of this, it also cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects. This is singularly one of the most broken boss monsters Yugioh has had in the game so far, in my opinion.

The thing that also makes this card so good, is Red-Eyes Fusion, which allows you to use the monsters in your deck to summon it. Also, the fact that you only need Dark Magician and either Red-Eyes Black Dragon or any other Dragon type monster, it makes it a Foolish Burial for dragons. As if it wasn't easy enough to summon, we now also have Predaplant Verte Anaconda, which allows you to copy a fusion spell's effect from deck, and Verte only takes 2 monsters to summon it.

Since this card is so terrifying and almost unstoppable, we need to find way to stop it. So I am here to help you guys with some ideas.

First off, let us try to prevent that thing from entering the battle field. Normally, you can use Ash Blossom & Joyous Springs to stop the activation of Red-Eyes Fusion, which could stop them from getting it out. However, you cannot use Ash on Predaplant Verte Anaconda, instead, you would have to use Effect Veiler or Infinite Impermanence. This is if you are going second, of course, or it is not your turn and you need to stop it. However, there are a Miriad of other traps and some archetypal monsters that have negates for those cards as well. So as long as you have a Spell or Monster negate, you can stop it. Another interesting tech that can be used is Dimensional Barrier, which not only would prevent it from hitting the field, but it could also negate it if it is already on the field, leaving it vulnerable to destruction and targeting.

This leads us into how would you stop it if it was already staring you down in the face and tickling your life points. You can attempt to destroy it by battle, which could be quite difficult considering it's at 3000 attack and will gain more if it negates. But there are monsters like Mekk-Knight Crusader Avramax and Borrelsword, which could be really good monsters to beat over it, and for Avramax, even if it gets negated and destroyed, you can still shuffle Dragoons back. If you want other types of removal, Kaijus would probably be your best option, an easy way to get rid of the monster, or you could use Forbidden Droplets or Triple Tactical Talents to deal with it. Superpolymerization is also a really good card to out it with, and since it's a dark attribute, it makes it a bit easier to have a fusion target for it. However, some main deck outs are really tough to draw into, so what else could we use in the extra deck that could be relatively easy to summon that can out it? Well, I have thought up two monsters that are really powerful outs to it. We have Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior. Non-targeting sending to the graveyard is a really good way to out. Or, if you would like to acquire your own Dragoons, and if it is easy to summon, you can get out a Borreload Dragon and just borrow his Dragoons. Give your opponent a little bit of payback.

There are also other odd and gimmicky ways to out it, like you can Called by the Grave a Dragoon that's already in the grave. There is Dark Ruler No More, that can outright negate its effects. Dinos can out it easily just by flipping it face down and going to town with Ultimate Conducter Tyranno. If flipping it face down makes it vulnerable, then you could also use Swords of Concealing Light or Book of Eclipse. There is also a card called Herald of the Abyss, that can force your opponent to send it to the grave. If you have your own Dragoons, you could use Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.

Yes, there are a lot of cards that can out it, but it is a very powerful card to get over and most likely it will be backed up by more than just itself. Which leads us to wonder what its fate will be on the banlist to come.

So what are your crazy Dragoon stories? What are your Crazy Techs to out it? What fate do you think the banlist should hold for this terrifying Spellcaster?

Why Vinland Saga Should have Won Anime of the Year instead of Tanjiro and his Demon Sister

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth: Abdel G.

The term anime of the year had only been nothing more then just that a term, an argument that would be held on public forums and even in your living room were you and your friends would grab knives, pitchforks and the nearest harmful thing all in an effort to exert your opinion on whether or not your anime pick was mightier than theirs, but this madness would only be amplified as it became an official event in 2017 held by Crunchyroll, it became an event were the juggernaut shows of that year would test their mettle in a battle for the hearts of its audience and it lived up to its hype every year carrying on the tradition of the average weeb and putting a spotlight on the discussion, from controversial wins to downright undisputed victors and let's be honest Jojo should have won 2018 but heyyyy i’m going to be as unbiased as possible as possible as to why Vinland Saga was downright robbed.

Vinland Saga was first published in Shonen Jump in 2005 and was almost immediately destined for greatness, it matched both Kingdom and Berserk in popularity but just like the two there was no space in media form dominated by the then big 3 (Bleach, Naruto & One Piece) as a result tit continued its run as a manga while fans cried out for a anime adaptation for years, the manga is based of off the original true story of the Vinland Sagas and even features key historical figures such as Thorfinn, Askeladd, King Canute and e.t.c, but it wasn’t until recently in 2019 where it would be given its first big break when Twin Engine announced that Wit studio would be adapting it into anime format, the moment it released its first 3 episodes the anime world was immediately set ablaze and stunned by what would become a masterpiece of the show, oh and its opening legit smacked Tokyo Ghoul Unravel outta the park...just saying.

So then the question is why didn’t it win, if it’s so good, well the thing is at the present moment anime is in a peculiar position as at the moment there is no big 3, the thing is the big 3 need to consist of particular aspects apart from just selling a lot of manga adn being kinda popular but that’s a whole other blog, the point heere is that at the moment Demon Slayer is extremely popular, there is no denying that, a good studio, quality animation and amazing sales in merch and manga, so then doesn’t that make it a candidate for anime of the year? In some sense yes, but in other cases no? Dbz is the most popular anime of all time as well as One Piece and they both had amazing arcs last year but you cannot sub popularity for quality, Demon Slayer delivered that in every way graphically and story wise but in retrospect Vinland Saga did just that ad far more, when it comes to colour and beauty, Demon Slayer shows up there’s no denying that but if we had to go for raw story and casting, Vinland Saga does just the same if not more, it took a piece of history and brought it to life, it was relatable on so many levels to its viewers, and yet even after all that it brought with it so much more, even the cliffhanger at the end was one of the most gut wrenching scenes in anime history.

Don’t get me wrong towards the end of the first season Demon Slayer portrayed one of the best fights in history, it had to be one of the best fight scenes of the last decade in anime, I have to give it that, yet Vinland Saga, portrayed realism and the beautiful use of realism rivaled the way Demon Slayer portrayed its folklore, even in terms of Villains Demon Slayer has one of the best and most despicable villains i’ve seen in years, it’s been long since you’ve seen a villain who’s just well evil and bad to the bone, ha, see what I did there, they even have an amazing protagonist in Tanjiro, but if it were a battle of protagonist without a shadow of a doubt Thorfinn would be the better of the two, believe me they are leveled in terms of their coll-factor and development pacing but in terms of raw story once more Thorfinn has a far more interesting story, Tanjiro’s story could be equated to being Hokage or finding the One Piece but Thorfinns story is like no other, the depths and swerve to it is simply untouched.

So am I saying Vnland is better than Demon Slayer and that it was robbed of anime of the year….yes, but am I also saying Demon Slayer is a bad anime? By no means! Vinland and Kimetsu are such great anime that it be tough to tell them apart, from an unbiased opinion they are both great and amazing anime and it's the fresh air we’ve been needing for such a long time 2020 could barely reproduce anything of that magnitude and I fear it may be the case for sometime.

Well then now that we’ve settled which anime is the best, let us know in the comments below what you think and whether or not you feel Vinland was better or whether or not you disagree with this and as always feel free to check out what anime merch we have in stock and as always stay safe and i’ll see again on our next blog!


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