Demon Slayer the Mugen "Money" Train

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth: Abdel G.

You know I was going to make Demon Slayer blog sometime soon, in my own time while I focused on better anime like Jojo, but then on friday night last week my phone started buzzing as the reminder I set early in the year about the new Demon Slayer movie went off I was excited but did I watch it though, well of course not it only released in Japan, well then what’s the point of me writing a blog about it, well I was trying to flex that it made oh I dunno, 1 billion yen in its opening weekend!

So what? Well of course it's only half the amount Frozen 2 hauled in last year but remember Frozen 1 hauled in $65 million dollars in its opening weekend, and though this isn’t a yard measuring contest as a weeb my task is too show that anime is and always will be supreme, you know i’m right don’t you? The point though is that for an anime to haul in that amount is testament to how far Anime has come in all these years as well as what it is doing, we do not take anything away from Demon Slayer of course, it deserves every bit of spotlight without a doubt kicking the former anime box office king “Your Name.” which made $17 million dollars in its opening weekend and it was richly deserved, a movie that truly remains timeless without a doubt yet Demon Slayer still managed to more than triple the figures of the latter and it only took 4 years for a spiritual successor to emerge and remind the world that anime is dominant figure in today's modern pop culture.

Demon Slayer deserves all the attention and hype it has received of late, after it concluded its manga with it officially ending this year, not far behind that a glorious season 1 that ended up winning anime of the year last year, its safe to say that Demon Slayer has indeed in a short time, reminded the anime community that anime can sometimes be more than just trash but rather a whole pool of toxic waste and that's fine, cause that’s the joy in anime and its glad to see that this form of media has gotten even better over the years, man can’t wait for the live action to be announced right!?

What do you think of this? Is it just hype or does Demon Slayer pave the way for future anime? Leave your comment below and don’t forget to check out our website for Demon Slayer Merch, we have something for everyone.

A New Era of Eternity

by Robert Miles

Welcome to the induction of a new era of Yu-Gi-Oh, the first set of the brand new season of Yu-Gi-Oh; the first set that encompassed the new rules of Yu-Gi-Oh, the new master rule 5, and with this combination of links, pendulums, xz, synchro, fusion and  ritual, we enter the realm of Eternity Code. Bringing forth a plathora of new Archetypes and staples.

Starting off with the new archetype, Nemeses. I don't think it will be a deck on its own but it has really niche and interesting effects that can help other strategies along the way, being able to return banished cards to summon themselves and all being different levels and attributes.

This set does come out with a lot of support for some good old archetypes that make a really good impact, with Dragonmaid Sheou and Chamber being really strong additions to the strategy. There is also some Deep sea support for all you water players out there, even a card that can remove cards from your opponent's hand.

For all you fans of traversing the 7 seas, we have more support for your Plunder Patrol decks in this set, pushing up this deck to be quite the competitor. Along with some marincess support. There is even more monsters for Invoked, Generaiders, even Orcust get a new card which helps them and mekk-knights, and on top of that, we have Animadorned Archosaur which pushes dinos all the way up to tier 1 status. There are even some more Ancient Warrior cards.

Along with all these Archetypes and support cards, we have some really good staple cards that are really helpful. A new monster negation in trap form to add to your trap hole collection, along with Magical hound that can bounce back those pesky floodgates. Parallel Exceed is another really good card that gives you an easy rank 4 and is really good for any cyberse or link strategy.

Speaking of links, we have some really powerful link monsters in this set, like  Linkross, which helps with a lot of combos and strategies, pushing up a lot of  decks, and on top of that, we have Accesscode Talker, which can wipe your opponent's field out without giving them a chance to respond.

One of the cards we were all waiting for in this set was the last handtrap girl. The last of the ghost girls, the wind handtrap, Ghost Mourner and Moonlit Chill. A really good handtrap that can negate a monster's effect on field and burn your  opponent if they lose the monster, and as a teaser, it was not the only handtrap you can find in here. You have yourself a chance to pull a starlight rare,  Effect Veiler.

All this and much more to be found in this exciting new set, this new era of Yu-Gi-Oh, the new Code that will last an Eternity.

Time to Rise

by John Lee

Hello, fellow duelist, and thank you so much for coming back to our blog. I am sure all of you have anticipated this set that we are going to talk about for a very long time. Question is, does it have what you need? I mean, not all booster sets are for everyone. 

Today, we introduce Rise of the Duelist! As you can see, the cover card being one of our good old favorite cards from the original series in Yugi's deck. The revamped and amped new additional archetype to add to Gaia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon. ROTD has this exciting new Gaia archetype ready at your fingertips. It has already done pretty well so lets see what you can make out of knights and dragons. 

 Also coming up in this set are different types of knights that have a fiery side and are burning up the competition right now. We have a lot more support for the Infernobleknight archetype, ready to rip out your opponents hand and create a formiddable board that your opponent will struggle to get through with what little they have left. 

 Or if you are one for the cutsie, fluffy little creatures of the world then the Melffy archetype is for you. This archetype based on xz monsters will melt your opponents heart, leaving them vulnerable and infatuated by the cuteness, so much so they might not even hear their own lifepoint counter ticking down. 

 Then the archetype everyone is looking forward to. The deck that is shaping our meta; Dogmatika! A formiddable force making use of the extra deck as more of a resource rather than the force behind it. This archetype combined with many other good decks in this format could really shape this game. It has great synergy with decks like invoked shaddol, eldlich and many more, and with Herald of the Arc Light being around, it could be great synergy for ritual decks. 

 Coming along with all these great archetypes, we have a bit of support for some of the previous archetypes brought into this game, such as Adamancipators,  Fluffals, Raidraptors, Megalith, and even Darklords get a reawakening. 

 On top of all of this, we have many really good single cards, some of which even define the shape of the game. Coming into Yugioh, we now have Forbidden Droplets, a really good out to the insane boards people can  make. The non targeting negation is good for outing insane beasts like the one we shall talk about heavily in our next blog, and also stopping you from being able to respond to it is nuts. That side by side with the new Triple Tactics Talent, which has a number of options that it allows you to use depending on if your opponent responds to anything you have done. Also, a really good out to a lot of peoples cards, there is Ice Dragon Prison. A really handy trap card being able to get rid of 2 of your opponents cards in an interesting way. Let's also not forget the oppurtunity to pull one of those starlight rares! 

 So will you be the Risen Duelist thanks to this set? Are you ready for what power it holds?

Are you ready to duel!?

by Robert Miles

As we all know, Heroes of Games and Comics at Melrose Arch will be hosting a big tournament allowing players to acquire some boosters of one of the new sets, Rise of the Duelist, which we have spoken about in one of our previous blogs.

The big question is; What should we look out for and what are we to expect at this tournament?

As we know, cards in South Africa are very hard to come by, especially with the shortage of boosters. However, there are still some really good cards and decks that we should look out for.

One of the decks that has seen a lot of play in Joburg especially, is Eldlich. This is a really powerful deck that wasn't even hit on the ban-list, and with Numeron and invoked still being really good variants for it, this deck could still be a formidable force.

You may see some Dragon Link decks, especially since the structure deck is easy to acquire and along with that, there may also be many different variants of Dinosaur decks that will be running around. These are 2 very explosive and dangerous combo/aggro decks that can kill you very quickly.

As always, also look out for any control decks. Trap decks these days are still very prominent, and anything from Altergeist or Guru Control, all the way to stun decks like Mine Burn, and Barrier Statues.

One card, however, that everyone needs to have an out to, is Dragoon; One of the most oppressive fusion monsters in the game right now, and the fact that it takes just 2 monsters on the field in order to summon it, makes it a very scary force to be reckoned with.

We are all excited to see what this tournament will bring, and what crazy ideas some people may come up with. Look forward to seeing you all there, and may the best duelist win.

Top Ten Anime You Should Watch This October

by Abdel Gemoh

Auth: Abdel G.

Calling all weebs and otakus, get your crunchyroll roll accounts and your netflix debts cleared cause we’re back baby with a brand new season! Oh yes, looking for more drama? check, people going to other worlds and becoming super OP?! Check, Oni-chans having weird relationships with loli sisters, uh … check? Well it’s the same degeneracy we’ve all come to love from Yaoi I mean Yuri on Ice to epics like vinland saga, we won’t be seeing anime like that this fall (well we both know it’s spring) but we have a jam packed season ahead for you and although it started 7 days ago for you we’ll do our best to cover potential shows you shouldn’t miss this month!

10. Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season (oct 3 2020)

After carrying the mantle as the spiritual successor to Kuroko no Basket the first half of Haikyuu truly did not fail to deliver in every way from a lovable main character to antagonists that you just can’t hate because they’re just so cool, and some of those absurd scenes when Shoyo and his antagonist counterparts volley a ball I swear if I get any more of those i’ll need a heart transplant cause I can’t take anymore lord knows I can’t. Nonetheless we’re  more than eager to see the progression of Shoyo and the boys from Karasuno High School but hey if you can’t wait for the next one you could always head out over to our website and get a hold of the latest manga [insert sleezy sales tactic here]

‘...when Shoyo and his antagonist counterparts volley a ball I swear if I get any more of those i’ll need a heart transplant cause I can’t take anymore lord knows I can’t.’

9. Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (Oct 3 2020)

Dragon Quest was first released in 1986, and 34.... Years… later… wow feel old yet?Well don’t fret, Dai is back yet again to turn back the years and in 4k, heh, sounds good now right? Well the dragon quest franchise has always been good and big but it was never on par with its counterpart Dragon Ball and although DBZ opened the pathway for anime, Dragon Quest was easily overshadowed by the mammoth but that didn’t mean this show wasn’t force to be reckoned with, the fact that it ended up making an appearance in Jump Force which was considered a hall of fame for legendary shows and characters to make an appearance, shows the quality this show and game truly has and for those of you who may have missed out on the show and felt the quality wasn’t on par with your brand new 8k tv, our homeboys from TV Tokyo decided to plug you all with a reboot of the show and yes in 1080p quality, now we finally get the chance to hear our boy scream the words, “Advance Slash!”, with JBL’s and an 8k tv and did we mention that we also have the manga on our online website?

8. The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc (Oct 4 2020)

Do you remember back in the early 2010’s when anime was drowned in anime revolving around High School Arcs, no seriously there was a time when the world of anime wasn’t filled with the trash of isekai but rather it was just a huge garbage pile of high school anime, for example, High School of the dead, High School DXD, Classroom of the Elite, Assassination Classroom, Angel Beats, Kakegurui, The Quintessential Quintuplets,  Fruits Basket, Rakudai Kishi no Calvary (gimme my season 2 Flying Dogs studios it’s been 6 years!), these are just from the top of my head, but the point is, we got flustered with so much anime from this era but surprisingly we did not get enough sequels from them, so many of these anime were dare I say good, but no instead we’re getting season 2’s of shows about slimes, Yet today the injustice has been removed and after 6 years, 6 years we’re getting a sequel to the Irregular at Magical High School and out of the many anime from the High School Era without a doubt this has to be one of the anime that deserved a sequel but just behind Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry of course, but without a doubt fans will be ecstatic to see the most OP High Schooler make a reappearance in this new Arc which is set to blow them away.

7. Noblesse (Oct 8 2020)

Remember earlier this year when the world of anime would forever be turned on its head when Crunchyroll struck a deal with Webtoons (Indie platform for Manhwa artist) to adapt its popular manwha, yeah you read that right manhwa not manga (Korean Comics) into Manga and they were greeted with a massive audience and with such expectations placed on them, they just rode on the wave to enormous success examples being Tower of god and god of High School, although they are the only two to have been released, they showed that the future is bright and that’s just the type of hype Noblesse would need, from amazing visuals to insane OST’s the stage is set for Raizel who has awoken from his 820 year slumber, the reason for his sleep I dunno, no really there’s actually a reason for that, his task with protecting Nobles as is his job, but what threats lie ahead, what secrets can we hope to discover, well I dunno but still the OST’S in this thing people, my word!

6. Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen (Oct 7 2020)

Have you ever watched an anime or any show were you’re catfished by this war filled with intense action, you know, where the colours are all out of place but it works so well the action, the violence, the OST’s, but then somehow, some way, some simp of a prince/nobel falls in love with the opposing armies forces and suddenly you’re forced to start hating the action, because you just want this couple to fall in love but somehow at the back of your mind your thinking, “these guys are so gonna die.”, take that feeling, put it in a pot, brewing, mix it up and amplify that by x100 yes, I am not exaggerating that’s Kimi to Boku….yeah i’m not saying the name, but jeez if you ever wanted an anime that would take your heart and shred it to pieces then look no further then Kimi to Boku.

5. Akudama Drive (Oct 3 2020) 

Have you watched Durarara? Of course you have because you’re a cool person and you’re special so I don’t have to continue with this post, Wait? You haven’t? Well’re still awesome I guess. 

Akudama drive is that anime that you know, low key you simply can’t sleep on, no really, you can’t , it’s Gotham City without Batman, heaven on earth I tell you, well enough Batman slendering, if your up for a trip to the underground of anime with a slice of life then I highly recommend you pick this up as it’s a definite must I tell you.

4. Tomikaku Kawaii (Oct 3 2020) 

You know what i’m not even going to try explain this, gimme a sec lemme get that synopsis,: ”Having grown up ridiculed for his bizarre name, Nasa Yuzaki strives to be remembered for something more. Fortunately, it seems he's on the right path, ranking first in the nation's mock exams and set to enter his high school of choice.

However, everything changes in a single night when he notices a girl across the street on his way home. Enraptured by her overwhelming cuteness, it's love at first sight for Nasa. But in his infatuated daze, he fails to notice the approaching danger speeding down the road and finds himself at death's door. Barely alive thanks to the girl's intervention, Nasa musters the courage to confess his love to her, fearing she might otherwise vanish from his life. She accepts his proposal on one condition: marriage, to which Nasa gladly accepts before passing out from his injuries. Upon waking, however, the girl is nowhere to be found.

After recovering from his injuries, Nasa tosses his previous ambitions aside and dedicates his life to finding the girl that captured his heart, yet several years pass to no avail. But one night, when an unexpected visitor comes knocking on his door, Nasa finds himself facing a woman that would forever change his world: his wife.”

I mean it’s trash but it’s good trash? 

3. Yuukoku no Moriarty(Oct 11 2020)

Think of Britain in the late 19th century, now imagine Sherlock Holmes expertly tackling crime mysteries in a fashion that would only seem childs play, what? You’ve seen that already? Oh well then imagine an anime that has a master investigator, fire animation and intense ost’s, the Sherlock Holmes of anime! What’s that? There’s already an anime like that? It’s called Conan...well I got nothing then, unless, imagine late 19th century, great Britain, stay with me here and wait for it, instead of having a master investigator...we could have a master crime consultation guy thingy, I know right it’s genius, finally a glorious anime that doesn’t revolve around people powering up for 4 episodes and intense transformations, anime of the year though, nope, but still a really, really good anime.

2. Yashahime: Princess-Half Demon(Oct 3 2020)

Do you feel old, I feel old, wait? I already used that line didn’t I well still you can’t help but feel that feel when you see an anime character you grew up watching end up coming back a couple of years later and end up with a kid, yes… Inuyasha has a kid, the legendary swordsman, actually lived long enough to have a kid, a daughter to be exact, well most anime that tend to do this often don’t come with the same IT factor that the OG show had but with early rating of 7.5 on just the episode 1,it seems safe to say that this isn’t another merch selling show even though low key it is, but rather it’s a show on its own, with its own protagonist her journey into the world as a samurai, I dunno about you but i’m super excited about this one the most, but if you have no clue on the predecessor I highly recommend you check it out.

1. Jujutsu Kaisen(Oct 3 2020)

As a blogger it is my job to strive for equality and do my best to not overhype shows and show favouritism to them, well we're throwing it all out the window here, this is the best anime of 2020, not fire force, not Tower of god, not Beastars and not Dorohedoro, this is going to win anime of the year ladies and gentlemen HGC Abdel has called it here!

Well i’m sure you’re saying i’m just overhyping this right? NOPE! Animation, Ost, Animation, fluid action, animation, the plot, animation, you get what i’m trying to say here? Jujutsu Kaisen is a massive release of fresh air in the world of anime, sure it may might suffer a bit from hey, it’s just another High School Anime with a kid in High School dealing with the problem, but that’s where this anime actually shines, it’s taken a normal everyday concept and completely redefined it, the world building is where it truly shines as each character is given a sort of personality though not robust as anime, you feel as though each character has a sense of belonging in this world, each with their own goal and ambitions and the fight scenes are really well done from the fluid movement to the epic camera spins I mean you simply get entrenched in the anime that by the time the fight is done, you’’ be suffering from a hangover so bad you might miss work tomorrow, but enough hype from me, hurry up and check it out, go hurry, now!

Well that concludes our list of recommended anime to check in October for this season. Hope you enjoyed reading this and if so let us know that we may have missed out on the list and what are your recommendations, we’ll definitely be back to review which of these shows where hits and miss and if you need more anime madness to spice up your life head over to our website and check out what manga, posters and Nendoroids we have to help tickle your wallet i mean taste buds.

Dragon Ball Z: Father of Modern Day Anime

by Abdel Gemoh

Dragon Ball Z: Father of Modern Day Anime or Overhyped?

Anime, a robust and growing infestation, I mean culture that has since taken over the world, with genres that would be considered mind blowing and downright taboo but to the average weeb, these are simply basic requirements whereas anything short of this would be considered a bad show, but when did this form of media entertainment swoop the world and become a staple for modern day entertainment, who do we blame!? Well rally up your pitchforks parents and fellow otakus who think “Naruto is the only anime to have ever been released” and let’s take a trip all the way to 1986 when the world would forever be turned upside down as a man named Akira Toriyama would create a show that would become the bedrock for anime a bedrock called Dragon Ball.

When Dragon ball Z debuted 5 years after the original Dragon Ball run it didn’t see immediate success but rather it had poor ratings and even seen as a flop of a show due to the fact that in the 90’s anime wasn’t really viewed as ,well, anime, it was either referred to as a show for kids (Pokemon) or if it was too violent it was viewed as a show for adults (Akira), but the was no mediator to bridge the gap between the two and the only people who even watched these were Otakus who were in their absolute minorities as anime was of course a really obscure form of media, but literally weeks later when the Frieza Arc was introduced, Dragon Ball Z immediately rebounded and the show immediately would blow open the borders and limitations of anime as it would not take long for it to become an international success soon after.

Dragon Ball enjoyed so much success from the late 90’s towards the early 2000’s and it was without a doubt that it would leave its mark on modern day anime, shows like Naruto and Bleach where evident of this from multiple factors, one of them being deaths, for years we had seen characters dodge and avoid death even in comics but dragon ball first introduced deaths in the Saiyan arc where Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiatzou would all meet deaths and not pretty i’ll tell you, and this rubbed of to other mediums where shows like Naruto weren’t afraid to kill important characters, DBZ also introduced one of modern animes biggest problems as well, the escalation plot where characters keep getting absurdly strong but we don’t mind as long as we get more transformations with more horrible hair styles yeah i’m looking at you Super Saiyan 3, I mean look at it like sweet lord the man looks like a character from Sonic. Apart from that, tiny details like prolonged fights and massive cliffhangers became the norm in these anime and from the late 2000’ till now it is evident that so much of the modern day anime has taken its roots or atleast a vine from Dragon Ball Z.

“but we don’t mind as long as we get more transformations with more horrible hair styles yeah i’m looking at you Super Saiyan 3, I mean look at it like sweet lord the man looks like a character from Sonic.”


Though Dragon Ball Z started a revolution and reshaped anime, there was no argument that the story became linear and too repetitive, many wonder what would have happened if Gohan hadn’t become the legendary flop of all anime and actually took up the mantle, perhaps DBZ might have had a more dynamic plot and perhaps we wouldn’t have gotten the catastrophe that was Dragon Ball GT, even though Super Saiyan Monkey Man looked kinda cool, DBZ rather took a different approach as the revolutionist that it is and decided to stick with its main character  throughout these 30 years proving how audacious it can be and really no one’s getting tired, and in 2015 when Dragon Ball Super was announced loyal fans and new spectators gathered to witnessed our boy go one step further proving that there’s no limit to how far he can go, plus we got to see Frieza again Frieza!! Yet 32 years and going Dragon Ball continues to soar higher and higher and although it’s not in the big 5 shonen anymore it still maintains a relatively daunting atmosphere in the world of anime and rightly so.

Dragon Ball Super is still ongoing in the manga and we have merch for your otaku desires

Done by: Abdel Gemoh.

Toon up the Chaos

by Robert Miles

Hello Duelists, and welcome to world of toons and chaos as we reveal this new set which gives you hints of what it has just from the name.

First of all, for all you Pegasus fans out there from the original series, there is a lot of support for your toon decks, including cards like Toon Black Luster soldier, which is one of the chase cards in the set and also Toon Bookmark. Then you also got Toon Terror, a very nice form of Negation for the archetype.

Next up for all you chaos fans, we have some more support for you guys, with cards like Dark Diabolos and Chaos Space and some reprint of your favorite old cards, like Chaos Emporor Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer that could even be a nice addition to some of you old Goat players out there.

There are a lot of really nice staples in here for you competitive players that bring out some reprints of some really powerful cards from way back when. Like Psy-Frame Gamma and Driver, which is a really good handtrap and also good synchro fodder. Also, there is the first reprint of Pot of Extravagance, a really powerful draw card in some of the top tier strategies that don't need their extra deck much or can even give rogue decks a good chance. However if you you are looking to keep your extra deck there is a reprint of Pot of Desires in here for some draw


Alone with this exciting there there is some more support for strategies such as; Fluffals and Infernobleknights. There are some also good nostalgia cards from the GX series, bringing back some heroes and you may find some nice fusion support.

The big chase cards in here however, even though I have mentioned some already that are already brilliant, are the new rarities that have arrived in this set. The new collectors rare are a marvel to behold and are really hard to find, but my oh my, are they shiny.

So if you want your chance to pull one of these beautiful bad boys, then definitely try your luck on this set.

Question is, are you ready to reign Chaos or Toon it up? You decide!


by John Lee

From portraying legends on screen, to becoming one in real life.

By: Marcus Sebego

Black superheroes are few and far between as it is, but Black superheroes that capture the hearts and minds of viewers all across the world and leave a lasting impression are even more rare. Black superheroes have been a part of comic books for years from as far back as 1969 when “Falcon” was first introduced in Captain America #1 or even as recently as “Miles Morales” who was first seen in Ultimate Fallout #4 in 2011, and everything in between. But when it comes to Black Marvel comic book characters that have a rich history making the crossover into the cinematic world, it has been a little more difficult, with the most recent example of this being Wesley Snipes’ portrayal of Eric Brooks in “Blade: Trinity” which released in 2004. Similarly to any other process, there will always be a first, and in the case of Black superheroes that honor would go to Black Panther, the character of T’challa was first seen in “Fantastic Four” #52 in the year 1966, and would subsequently go on to appear in his own series “Black Panther”, “Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda” and many more.

The very first Black superhero film was a movie by the name “Abar, the first Black Superman” an Action/Blaxploitation film released in 1977. But the character of Abar did not have the rich documented  history that most Marvel comic book superheroes have. But even with this comic book success, the same problem persisted, Black superheroes were not being prominently featured in their own live action films. And aside from “Blade”, “Hancock” and “Spawn”, Black superhero films have predominantly taken a more satirical/comedic approach which never really establishes the hero as a leader,an inspiration or even someone with exceptional ability, but rather as the films main source of comedic relief. As can be seen in Robert Townsend’s “The Meteor Man” which released in 1993 and also shares this largely comedic tone with Damon Wayans’ “Blank Man” which released soon after that the following year in 1994.

Then came the announcement that changed the way Black superheroes would be seen from this point forth, Fellow MCU actors Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans stood on stage and announced that Mr Chadwick Boseman would be playing Black Panther, and it almost felt like there was a quiet optimism that came over the comic book community, a sense of hope.

T'challa, first seen in comic books in 1966, would now become a tangible reality for so many people. A real life depiction of a flawed Black man constantly striving to make the life of people and his loved ones better. A prince who was forced to become King because his father was taken away from him too soon. And while dealing with feelings of grief, sadness, anger and a thirst for revenge, he is faced with the skeletons that his father left hanging that he must now address. And in spite of this, he is the leader of an African Kingdom, a thriving nation by the name of Wakanda. Wakanda depicts an untouched African country with an abundance of resources that are used to enrich the lives of those who live in it. And the King of such a country would need to rule with grace, patience and strength. While simultaneously being quick to think and slow to act. 

Before his generation defining role as Black Panther, Mr Bosemam took on the daunting challenge of portraying historical black figures who were as great as they were flawed. The progenitor of funk James Brown, the very first African American to play in Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, and an American lawyer and a Civil Rights activist, Thurgood Marshall. He had the opportunity to play the heroes he looked up to, which subsequently led to him playing a character that would see him become a hero to so many people. It is one thing to portray a hero on screen it is another thing altogether to be a hero in real life.   

As people we have all suffered in some way shape or form, but the most honorable form of suffering is not only to suffer, but to do so while being a husband, brother and son. He did his job for 4 years in unimaginable pain while visiting children’s hospitals to help those who he knew were suffering just like he was. But at no point did he make it about him and how much pain he was in. It seemed as though he lived in the moment and continued to give others even though life continued to take from him.

If you are having feelings of pain, sadness and even grief in this moment over the passing of someone you never knew personally. Know that it is perfectly normal because the effect someone can have on your life is not measured in proximity but rather in the moments they have provided that have allowed you to, reflect, laugh, cry, yolulate and whistle with joy. Moments that have allowed you to swallow your pride and apologize, look in the mirror and acknowledge your beauty and look deep within yourself to become the best version of yourself. And just as Mr. Boseman said himself,  “I think when done right, it gives people hope.” 

Thank you, Mr. Chadwick Boseman, for giving an entire group of people hope, the contribution that you have made to the lives of those who have had the pleasure of watching you and even those who have yet to know of your greatness, you have made an everlasting impact that will carry on for generations. Rest in Power, King T’challa.

Armageddon cards today!

by Robert Miles

Hello fellow Duelists. Welcome to another Heroes of Games and Comics Yugioh blog, topic of today will be about one of the more recent sets which has sparked quite an interest in the community; Battle of Legends: Armageddon.

First off, the card everyone is looking into from this set; The number 39: Utopia, but this is not just any Utopia. We finally get a taste of cards written in Astral language from the Zexal series. This card is worth a fortune and a really interesting idea. It is really exciting to see Konami coming up with new rarities to excite the players. First the collectors rares coming out of Toon Chaos, and now this in Astral writing. And with the upcoming surprise in Legendary Duelist: Rage of Ra.

On top of other interesting cards, we have Afterglow, which could be quite effective in some burn deck strategies. We can only hope nobody finds an FTK(first turn kill) with them. 

We also have numerous archetypes coming out of Battle of Legends: Armageddon and speaking of numerous, the Numerons are an archetype that a lot of players are hyped for, being a small engine that simply uses mostly the extra deck for it and being able to summon monsters for free to kill your opponent quickly, by boosting themselves on each attack, and on top of it, allowing the summoning of Number S0:Utopic Zexal, it will be as easy as 1 2 3 4 5.

Then for you dinosaur fans, which are actually rock support, BLAR introduces Fossils, which are really exciting fusion monsters that banish cards from either graveyard to summon themselves. Also, some interesting cards to help Adamancipators from Secret Slayers, and also 1 new card, Fossil Warrior Skull Knight, that may even be good against the new best deck that's come out in the following set, which we will talk about in our next blog.

We also have a couple of rogue contenders that have really beautiful artwork, such as the Glacial Beasts, which is an interesting water archetype that I think could have some really good synergy if they get some more support. If you are a fan of the Vrains series, you can also get your hands on Roboppi's Appliancer archetype for all of you general home appliance fans. 

Also coming in this set are the coveted legendary dragons. One of them being the prize card, Chaos Emporer, the dragon of Armageddon, which is really good dragon support, and Trishula being a really good target for Superpolymerization.

Speaking of Dragons, this set includes the 10000 secret rare known as Ten Thousand Dragon. A beautiful card that has tons of value and it is really, really shiny.

All these cards, along with some reprints from some of your favorite archetypes; Invoked, Artifacts, Elemental Heroes, and some really cool staples as well to build up and add to any strategy that you so desire.

So come down to our stores and see what you can find in this exciting new set, and who knows, Armageddon might be your beginning instead of the end.

Yu-Gi_Oh: Rise Of The Duelist Unboxing

by John Lee

Abdel from HGC is here to do our first ever unboxing of Yu-Gi-Oh Rise of the duelist.

Check what cards we pull and don't forget to check out the website if you would like to purchase any of our cards


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